User Guide

After being able to direct message SolStar Tip Bot, let's go over commands!

To get started

  • You can type /star in any Discord channel where you see SolStar Tip Bot.

  • or you can direct message SolStar Tip Bot.

When SolStar Tip Bot is available, type /star as a message and a Discord slash command will appear.

Help command

/star help is there for users when they need it. It has useful links, more information, and an outline of commands.

Check your balance

To start, you can request your balance by typing /star balance into any Discord channel where you see the Sol Star Tip Bot or direct message.

Funding command

You can send transactions with funds from two sources below.

By default, Tip Bot sends tips with custodial wallets associated with your Discord account managed by SolStar.

You can send fully fledged tips with custom gif and message sent by SolStar Tip Bot by enabling the external flag during the /star tip command. This will return a link to sign transactions with your wallet provider and after confirmation Tip Bot will send a tip to the recipient Discord user.

Example below

Sending tokens

/star tip is a core feature of the Tip Bot. A typical tip command is shown below consisting of:

  1. a user to tip

  2. what token to tip

  3. an amount of token

  4. an optional reason that can be used as a personal message

  5. lastly an optionally gif override to use— an easter egg if you will 🤪

Tipping will publish to the current channel. You can set up private channels with another user and Tip Bot to privately tip.

The reason argument has a limit of 140 characters.

If the amount argument includes a $ we tip an equivalent amount of tokens based on current market price.

We have a list a pre-populated tokens you can chose from globally. If your server has guild tokens enabled, the /tip command will show up and you can tip custom SPL tokens with that command.


/star feedback is there for you to let us know what you think; good or bad! 😇

Adding the Tip Bot to your Discord

Server owners can use this link to add Tip Bot to their Discord.

Join our Discord and DM one of the mods or admins so we can add you to the #server-owners channel and role. We can talk about how your community interacts with Tip Bot, help troubleshoot any problems, or any questions you may have.

Security Model

SolStar Wallet Overview

When the user first interacts with the Sol Star Tip Bot, we generate a secure wallet for that user in the SolStar backend. The wallet is tied to the user's Discord account, and they are the only one with access to it.

Loading Funds

In order to tip other users, they'll need to load funds into their wallet via a Solana transaction to their generated SolStar wallet. In order to load funds, use the /star balance command described above to view your Solana address. Then send funds. Always double check your Solana address. It's best to test with a small amount first, so you can be certain you got the address correct.


Our wallets are salted and encrypted with AES-256 and all sensitive requests live on a private service not accessible from the internet.

Meet the Founders

Ryan Endacott - @RyanEndacott

  • Senior Software Engineer - Loon Mission Control (Google X)

  • Full Stack Software Engineer with focus on user experience, distributed systems. Ex-Google, Facebook, Clever.

Drew Wetherington - @DrewWeth

  • Senior Full Stack Software Engineer at a Y Combinator startup that builds AI Software for marketing and supply chain optimization.

  • Cat lover and engineering wizard

Daniel Holmgren -

  • Fullstack/P2P/Cryptography Engineer at Fission (, building a framework for end-to-end encrypted, distributed, user-controlled filesystems.

  • Previously, co-founded Axon (, building a p2p collaboration protocol for scientific data.

  • Ex-ConsenSys Engineer & Inaugural ConsenSys Academy grad


The only fees associated with transacting come from the underlying Solana network. The standard transaction fee is 0.000005 SOL.

In other words, $10 per every 10,000 tips at $200/SOL.

You can find more information about Solana transaction fees here.


  • What is SolStar tip bot used for?

    • We built Tip Bot to make communities more fun. We plan on making the following

      • The ability for users to make their own currency for their server.

      • Leaderboards between servers and leaderboards for users within servers.

      • When a user owns 10 tokens they get a special role

      • Auto tip, if you appreciate someone's feedback in a Discord channel responding with a certain reaction will auto-tip them.

  • How do I get SolStar Tip Bot in my Discord?

    • You can invite Tip Bot to your server, here. Or you can join our Discord, here.

  • I have SPL tokens (USDC, STAR, PAI) but I can't send a tip.

    • All transactions require you have a small amount of SOL to cover the Solana network fees. It is advisable to keep a small amount of SOL in your balance to facilitate.

Please let us know in our Discord what FAQs are important to you.

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