Getting Started

October 25, 2021

We're excited to announce the launch of SolStar Tip Bot on Solana's mainnet-beta network, making managing and sending cryptocurrency to Discord's 140 million users free and easy! This page outlines the features and usage guide for SolStar Tip Bot. It also outlines the release of community tokens coming November 2021!

Getting Started

There are two ways to use SolStar Tip Bot

  • Join our amazing Discord community and start using SolStar Tip Bot by typing /star in the

    #๐ŸŽ‰-tip-party๐ŸŽ‰ channel.

  • Invite SolStar Tip Bot to your server.

    • Permissions

      • Tip Bot requires basic permissions that other users already have, like being able to send a messages with an attachment

      • Tip Bot also requires role management that enables features like giving users access to particular channels. You can edit what roles Tip Bot manages by re-ordering Tip Bot role above any roles you enable. There is more info about permissions in the security model section.

Once you're able to DM the Tip Bot, set up is complete!

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