Token Swap

Sick of joining a community, wanting to get involved and not knowing where to start? We've created a button to make buying tokens a one-click step, all right from within Discord.

You can now buy any SPL token with your custodial balance!

The transaction to do the swap takes about 30 seconds and will sometimes fail because of slippage.

How it works?

When we receive a request for a token swap, our services request all available liquid markets between SOL and the requested token (USDC, SRM, etc) through Jupiter Aggregator. Jupiter ranks the market conditions, optimizing for output token exchange rates between decentralized exchanges. We then perform the Swap on behalf of the user and take a 1% fee.

For server owners

Anyone can add a token to their server with the /star token-button command. The command takes a token ticker or mint address. As a warning, token tickers are not unique. If the wrong token shows up for the ticker, then use the token mint address for 100% token certainty.

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