Feature Release: Tip Custom Tokens!

Today we're happy to release a new feature! As a Discord server admin, you can now add any of the 7,369 official Solana tokens to your /tip command! Example below.

For added flexibility, you can also add any token not yet registered to the official token list as long as the address or token ticker do not conflict with an already registered token.

Getting Started

Below are the requirements and steps to add an official or unofficial main-net token to your server's /tip command.

Requirements / Prerequisites

  1. You must have admin level access to the Discord server you wish to add a token to. NOTE: Anyone can make a Discord server to gain admin level access to try out this feature.

  2. You must have invited SolStar Tip Bot in your Discord server. You can invite the Tip Bot with this link

Set Up Steps

  1. Login with your Discord account

  2. Click "Add Guild Token"

  3. The form below will open

    1. Select Guild: Select which server the token should be added to.

    2. Token Mint Address: This is the full token address. This can be found on https://solscan.io/ or https://explorer.solana.com/ by searching for your token and finding the token address.

    3. Token Name: You can give your token a fun name.

    4. Token Ticker: If you are adding an official token, the ticker MUST match the official token ticker, this is to prevent abuse. If the token is not an officially registered token, you can add a custom ticker but it must not match an existing token or it will be rejected.

    5. Hit "Add Guild Token"

    6. If it's successful the token will show up under your guild and can be removed from there.

Now go to Discord and in your server, start typing /tip and the SolStar Tip Bot server command should appear now. It will have SOL pre-populated since all transactions require a small amount of SOL (<$1.00).

If you run into any issues, please ask for help in our #support channel in the Discord.

Good luck and have fun!

- SolStar Development Team

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