SolStar uses Solana as its blockchain network provider. Solana is a network designed for high throughput with low fees. Below is a short description of how fees work with native SOL and native Solana tokens.

The base fee for sending SOL or any Solana token is 0.000005 SOL. This fee is applied to any transaction recorded to the blockchain ledger. These events include transfers, account creation, and sub-account creations.

To send another user a token, an associated token sub-account has to exist or be initialized. Associated token accounts cost 165 bytes of 2-year rent exemption up front as a deposit. You can recover associated token account deposits by transferring tokens and closing the sub-account.

AmountDescriptionCost at $150 USD/SOL

Base transaction

0.000005 SOL


Send a novel SPL token to user

0.00203928 SOL


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